class towel.managers.SearchManager

Stupid searching manager

Does not use fulltext searching abilities of databases. Constructs a query searching specified fields for a freely definable search string. The individual terms may be grouped by using apostrophes, and can be prefixed with + or - signs to specify different searching modes:

+django "shop software" -satchmo

Usage example:

class MyModelManager(SearchManager):
    search_fields = ('field1', 'name', 'related__field')

class MyModel(models.Model):
    # ...

    objects = MyModelManager()'yeah -no')

This implementation stupidly forwards to _search, which does the gruntwork.

Put your customizations in here.

towel.managers.normalize_query(query_string, findterms=<built-in method findall of _sre.SRE_Pattern object>, normspace=<built-in method sub of _sre.SRE_Pattern object>)

Splits the query string in invidual keywords, getting rid of unecessary spaces and grouping quoted words together.


>>> normalize_query(' some random  words "with   quotes  " and spaces')
['some', 'random', 'words', 'with quotes', 'and', 'spaces']